By L8wrtr

Youth, as they say is wasted on the young and I certainly failed to disprove the saying. I look back on my journey and marvel at how the hell I ended up with such a good life after squandering so much opportunity. Karma is the only explanation that I can fathom, that and good old-fashioned dumb luck. I try to treat people well and with respect. The few times I’ve failed, I’ve failed miserably, spectacularly even. I’ve tried my best to set the scales right when I do.

I’m a settled-down average white guy in the suburbs. Married, kids, dog and cat, the whole nine yards. Great, just what the world needs, the voice of another white guy right? I used to agree. But I look at the world around me, the crazies that throw their blithering idiocy out there and I realized, why hate them? Why not join the cacophony? Surely my thoughts, observations and creativity are better than at least some of what’s out there. And even if not, what does it matter? Thanks to Al Gore and his gift of the internet, I can fulfill my desire/need to write, and people can read it or not, and I don’t have to see their faces if they mock me.


 The form of what I do with a blog is still developing. I have no specific goal or agenda other than to maintain the habit of writing, whether it be musing on current events, observations on life, or original stories. All I know is that nothing helps you write like actually writing, so I’m off!

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoy something you find here, and feel free to leave a note.



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